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Snow Removal Service

Why is it important to remove snow from my roof?

There are a few important reasons to have Lansard Bros. Roofing remove excess snow from your roof, one of them being that it will help prevent interior damage and possibly even structural damage to your home. Rely on our professionals for residential and commercial snow removal services in Winnipeg and surrounding areas.

Blocked vents/ ice dams

Snow accumulation on your roof can prevent the vents from exhausting warm air. The warm attic melts the bottom layer of snow, which freezes at the cold eave and causes ice dams. The ice dam traps melting snow and water leaks in under the shingles and damages your home.

Damaged Eavestroughs

One of the familiar sights we’ve all seen in winter is a series of icicles hanging off of an eavestrough! This is usually caused by an ice dam. If left alone, the weight of the constantly growing ice dam can damage or even tear the eavestroughs off of the roof. The best thing is to remove the snow from the roof and expose the ice to the sun. The ice dam will shrink due to the UV rays.

Damage to the structure of your home

Snow accumulates on your roof over the course of the winter and although it seems light and fluffy while it is falling, it becomes very heavy on the roof when it melts and freezes! By removing the snow from the roof when it accumulates to around 12” thick, you will greatly decrease the chance of structural damage to your roof.

Let the Pros take care of it

As simple as it seems, removing snow from your roof can cause a lot of damage if not done properly. Some damages we’ve seen are broken vents and pipes, missing or damaged shingles even axe cuts where ice dams had formed! Not to mention personal injury from falling off the roof!

Take advantage of our snow removal service which includes:

  • A qualified, fully insured two person team

  • The proper training and experience to prevent damage to your home

  • The proper equipment to do the job right

  • We will remove the bulk of the snow from the roof

  • We will then clear the sidewalk of snow that is removed from the roof

  • Remove ice from the eave and eavestrough if it can be done without damage

  • Clear snow off of ice dams to allow the sun to remove them if damage is likely

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