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Living in Manitoba is awesome for many reasons. One reason we are lucky to live here is our climate! We have four distinct seasons in which we can enjoy all kinds of activities and events and have great times with family and friends! Over the years through trial and error, our homebuilders have developed some of the most effective ways to heat, cool, insulate and protect our homes from the elements. Our building methods are world renown!

Anyone who has been in the renovation business for several years will tell you that it hasn't always been that way especially when trying to determine the cause of a weather related problem in a home. Some building methods such as the "Post Wartime" home design may have seemed like a good idea at the time however, with heating costs literally going through the roof we recognize now that trying to contain and prevent heat from escaping can cause damaging problems such as ice dams and condensation in the attic spaces which spell trouble! This is one of those times we can truly say that Hindsight is 20/20! As the building industry has moved forward it has evolved to building the energy efficient and healthier homes we enjoy today.

At Lansard Bros. Roofing, we are in our second and third generation of roofers, our policy has always been to pay special attention to resolving roofing and attic ventilation concerns by our own experiences as well as continually seeking out the latest techniques and industry methods available.

One of the most effective tools we have been using in order to determine the causes of heat loss, condensation and ice damming on homes is Thermal imaging Infrared technology. With an infrared gun, we are able to determine:

Properly insulated attic
Properly ventilated attic
Are the roof vents properly located on the roof?
Is there a proper combination of intake and exhaust ventilation?
Are there any non-insulated cavities which can lose heat and thereby cause ice dams?

Thermal imaging combined with knowing what to look for gives us the ability to pinpoint the real problems and what to do to fix them! If you have experience with any of the following problems;

Moisture stains on your ceiling in winter or spring
Ice forming on your roof
Water dripping from a window jamb or interior door jamb
A leaky roof

Request an appointment with our professional service department. We would be glad to inspect your attic and roof and provide a professional roof report.




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